Employment - Nursing Practice Educators (Mi’kmaw)

Nursing Practice Educators (Mi’kmaw)

Cape Breton University



The School of Nursing at CBU invites applications for full-time Nursing Practice Educators – Mi’kmaw. These positions will commence in January 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter.
The School is committed to promoting culturally strong, experienced, professionally educated Indigenous nurses. Nursing education at CBU reflects the values of culturally safe care and we support the delivery of meaningful, respectful, and effective care. This commitment includes recruitment of Mi’kmaw nurse educators to share knowledge, mentorship, expertise, skills, advice, and leadership to help realize the University’s stated goals toward reconciliation and indigenizing the curriculum.

Unima’ki University Kina’matno’kuo’m Nursing wetnu’kwalsit wiaqa’tn ta’n teli tlamsitasultijik ml’kiknaqn, ta’n wel-nenmi’tij, welukutijik l’nu’k nursaq. Nursing kina’masuti CBU ankaptik kisa’toq ta’n te’sik L’nu’k ketlamsitni’tij wen tepaqo’tasit ankwyut aqq ninen pukwatmek menaqaj kinu’tmuksin ta’n wl’te’tasitew, kepmite’tasik, aqq tepaqo’tasij wen. Ula wiaqtek ta’n mawi lukutijik L’nu’k nurse ta’n ekina’muatl ta’n nekm kisi kina’masij koqowey kejitoq, ikana’latl, mawi nenk, ketawa’qa’toq, keknuwa’tiket, aqq ta’n ikana’toq wjit apoqnmuwen University ta’n menuweke’tij wjit Reconciliation aqq piskwa’tnew L’nuwey ta’n teli kina’muwa’titaq.
The School of Nursing invites applications from interested Mi’kmaw nurses who are passionate about educating the next generation of nurses. We are seeking progressive, energetic, culturally strong Mi’kmaw candidates with a commitment to excellence in nursing practice education. The primary position responsibility will be to instruct, supervise, and evaluate nursing students in a variety of nursing practice settings including acute care, long term care, community, as well as on-campus nursing simulation, and/or laboratory instruction. There will be opportunities to teach or co-teach the concept -based curriculum with other nursing faculty in a supportive environment. 

Unima’ki University Kina’matno’kuo’m Nursaq menuweke’tijik ta’n ketu’ lukwatmi’tij L’nuu’k nursaq ta’n welte’tmi’tij wjit ekina’muwanew wen ketu’ kina’masij ta’n nutko’ltijik ketu’ kina’masultijik suwa’tn Nurso’ti. Menuwekeyek wula’sin, pukwelk, ta’n melkiknaq l’nuwey ta’n ketu’ sukwa’tu’tij ta’n sataq ekina’masit nurso’ti. Ula ta’n menuwaqtasik na nuta’tew tlimuksin, amkweywan, aqq nuji ankaman ikina’masultijik ta’n pukwelkl ta’n kisi tlukutijik kutey amko’tasultijik, ta’n sa’q eykik ankweyujik, wutann, aqq ta’n campus eykik nursaq, aqq/kisna laboratory telimujik. Tetal pukwelkl wjit kina’munew kisna nespi kina’munew concept based kina’masuti wjit piluwe’l nusaq eykik ta’n apoqnmatultitaq mawita’taq.

CBU teaches programs on campus, off campus in locations across and outside of Canada, and on-line. The university and its partners will therefore provide opportunities for faculty members to teach in different modes in different locations as part of their regular workload. While these opportunities may not be available equally for all faculty positions in all programs, a clear willingness to teach in different modes and locations will be noted as part of your application.
The union affiliation of this position is with the Cape Breton University Faculty Association.
Cape Breton University is strongly committed to fostering diversity within our community. We welcome those who would contribute to the further diversification of our staff, our faculty and its scholarship including, but not limited to, women, visible minorities, Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity. Please note that all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply but applications from Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. 
How To Apply

Cape Breton University will be accepting applications for this opportunity via their Human Resource Information System (HRIS), or other external site. Please follow the link and the instructions below carefully. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Successful candidates will have:
  • a degree in Nursing (BScN or BN);
  • bachelor’s prepared applicants with a willingness to complete a master’s degree will be considered. Professional development funding assistance may be available to support study;
  • a minimum of five years of nursing practice experience; 
  • an active practicing RN license with the Nova Scotia College of Nursing (or be eligible for) prior to commencement of this position; and
  • experience teaching, mentoring, and/or preceptoring nursing students would be an asset. 
Kaqikisa’tiket wen weskuntew:
  • degree wjit Nursing (BScN or BN);
  • bachelor’s kiskaja’lajik ta’n wen menuweket kaqkisa’toq Master’s degree ankaptasitew. Professional development tetew suliewey wjit wen apoqnmut wjit ketu’ kina’masit;
  • na’tami na’n te’sipukekl wjit Nursing teli piji kina’masit;
  • ta’n pemi kina’masit RN license wjit Nova Scotia College wjit Nursing (kisna basite’tasitew) ta’n ki’s kisi ika’lut ula tlu’kwen;
  • ta’n sa’q ekina’muwet, nuji apoqnmuwatl, aqq/kisna preceptoring nursing ekina’masultijik nuta’tew.
Intended Audience

This employment opportunity is open for: Canadian, Permanent Residents, and Temporary Residents who are able to work for any employer in Canada (Study Permit and Open work permit holders).

Only applicants who are authorized to work in Canada will be considered.

Location Information
Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Nova Scotia
Opportunity Information
Cape Breton University
NOC Code
College and other vocational instructors (4021)
Experience Required
Available Openings
Pay Type
To be Determined
To be Determined
Estimated Weekly Hours
Start Date
End Date
Language Proficiency Level
Beginner (CLB 1-3)
Posted on
November 15th 2021
December 15th 2021