Job Details - Assistant Professor, Mi'kmaq Studies

Assistant Professor, Mi'kmaq Studies

Cape Breton University




The school of Arts and Social Sciences and Department of L’nu, Political and Social Studies (LPSS) at CBU invites applications for a full-time tenure-track position in Mi’kmaq Studies in the following areas: Mi’kmaw language/linguistics or law/governance or history/culture. This position will commence July 1, 2021.

Kina’matnuo’kwo’m Arts aq Social Sciences aq Department ukji’t L’nu, Political aq Social Sciences (LPSS) CBU, wikutmi’tl application ukjit lukwaqn newtiska’q telitpijiaq Mi’kmaq Studies ukjit: Mi’kmaw language/linguistics kisna law/governance kisna history/culture, poqtamkiaq July 1, 2021.

The successful candidate must possess a graduate degree at the rank of a Master’s degree or above. Candidates who possess a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline in conjunction with traditional and living Indigenous knowledge will also be considered.

Tawin mesnik amuj wesko’t graduate degree Master’s kisna me’ aji esp+tek. Tawin elt wesko’t Bachelor’s degree ta’n newte’jk teltekl aq mawt traditional aq living Indigenous knowledge na mawt nekm ankite’lmutn kisi msnimen.

The ideal candidate’s primary area of teaching responsibility will be in Mi’kmaw Studies with a potential cross-appointment to another department depending on the candidate’s academic qualifications. The search committee will rank highly candidates with previous teaching experience at the post-secondary level.

Ta’n wen kisi mknut na tli kina’muetow Mi’kmaw Studies kisna kisi kina’muetow piluey Department, katu ankaptasitew ta’n teli espi kina’masit. Ta’n nuji mknaqnatite’wk nuji kinamuetewel ankapt+taq kis tli kina’muwelij espi kina’mutnuo’kwomk.

In addition to teaching experience, the successful candidate must also possess a well-defined research agenda. For this position, research may be academic or community-based in nature, or a combination of both approaches.

L’miq kisi kinamuet wen, amuj elt wesko’t kelulk ta’n teli ilpanuijka’t+mkewey. Ula lukwaqn ilpanuijka’t+mkewey amuj wejiaq nuji-kina’matnuo’kwomk kisna wtank, kisna kitk elt ankaptitaq aq kisi sua’tasitkital.

The successful candidate will be required to participate fully in the collegial life of the university by accepting administrative duties within the department and Unama’ki College and participating on university-wide committees and governance bodies.

Tawin mekenut na amuj teko’tl ta’n teli miliaq espi-kina’matnuo’kuomk aq amuj wesuwa’toq administrativey lukwaqn, department of Unama’ki College aq amuj teko’tk teliaq ta’n telki’k espi-kinamatnuo’kmk committee aq governance ta’n telukutijik.

The union affiliation of this position is with the Cape Breton University Faculty Association.

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Applications must be received by May 9, 2021.

Intended Job Posting Audience

This employment opportunity is open for: Canadian, Permanent Residents, and Temporary Residents who are able to work for any employer in Canada (Study Permit and Open work permit holders).

Only applicants who are authorized to work in Canada will be considered.

Location Information
Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Nova Scotia
Job Information
Cape Breton University
NOC Code
University professors and lecturers (4011)
Experience Required
Available Openings
Pay Type
Pay Rate
To be Determined (Negotiable)
Estimated Weekly Hours
Start Date
July 1st 2021
End Date
Language Requirements
Language Proficiency Level
Beginner (CLB 1-3)
Posted on
April 14th 2021
May 12th 2021